About Us

About Us

With the alarming reports that have come out recently about the state of the environment, people are scrambling more than ever to find renewable clean energy sources.
Solar, water, geothermal, nuclear, wind, and other such power sources are starting to be a big part of energy conversations. But we also have to find some new sources of power if we’re going to make the switch to clean energy through innovation.
Scientists are working around the clock to develop new energy innovations that can meet our vast demands for power. There are ample of way out to go in solar resources innovation . We PIPL working 24hr to touch all possible way and parts via innovation and engineering . Few way to go in future .
Second part of power sector to create user friendly and affordable renewable power for all . Our team is working towards this direction . An Urgent Need to Innovate the Renewable Energy Sector. Now Solar Energy is a Boon to Mankind and future solar energy lies in PV sector .


“To touch every human life and society globally by providing services and products through innovation ”


Our mission to create best innovative low cost opportunities for all with speed and state art of best quality .To serve nation by impowring knowledge and resources . To generate high class benchmarking for services ,products and processes .